Vagina Pump Pictures (EXPLICIT)

Vagina Pump Pictures

Here with My Vagina Pump Attached you can see how it fills the cylinder

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Here From Behind, My Vagina swollen up Freshly Pumped feeling Hot! EE0E32C0 6779 4B8B 5C6D 62624F2DBBF0 Vagina Pump Pictures (EXPLICIT)Here is Me In Action with my Cylinder Attached and the Juices are Flowing! 933C07D6 321F 3F4D 8DDE AA58D4927F811 Vagina Pump Pictures (EXPLICIT)

Here I am From Behind after using the Vagina Pump .Look at my swollen vagina and the blood is pumping!

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 As you can see from above the Pumping really increases blood flow and gets things moving quickly. The increased sensation is really incredible and I can reach an orgasm in less than half the time versus without the pump. My man says I feel tighter and he just cant get enough of it either, the Pussy Pump is really a great toy that can add excitement, more pleasure and intense orgasms to your love making.I encourage you to try one for yourself.Thanks for visiting I hope seeing these Vagina Pump pictures answered your Questions

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15 Responses to Vagina Pump Pictures (EXPLICIT)

  1. x says:

    does it stay big for good then or will it contract back to its normal size?

  2. kelly says:

    love the pics !!! got into pussy pumping with my dad when i was younger (started off using one of his penis pumps on my vagina when i was about 10 years old) still into it now that i’m 22, and have put together a nice collection of cups and pumps, including ones for my clit, nipples, and boobs. still our favorite way to masturbate together, and even have a dual hose the can pump both dad and me at the same time. everyone should try it, you’ll probably like it :)

  3. Sabrina Deneva says:

    Hi there my boyfriend asked me to use the p**y pump like this but I am afraid of injuries. He wanted to make my labia as big as he can, he show me some movies to illustrate the pump – the lips of those girls are very big and like is made from jelly – I don’t mind to do it but is it hurt and could you describe me how your labia feels after that. For how long it stays big

    • Sexy One says:

      It doesent hurt at all, if anything it make my whole pussy more sensitive. I also orgasm much quicker when pumping. It usually stays like this fo 15-30 min depending on how long I pump it. Get one you wont regret it… and your boyfriend wont be able to get enough of you!

  4. Scott says:

    What pump are you using? can you send me a link? My gf’s pump is too small for her and she needs something HUGE :) We both love to pump. please let me know :)

  5. silveradojohn says:

    My girlfriend says she’s afraid that her pussy will not return to normal size. Is there any thing you could tell her to reasure her that the outcome will not be permanent.

  6. Rickkee says:

    Ya’all is sick. Pu**ies should be as small as possible. A lot of MILF women these days see a cosmetic surgeon to cut off the extra meat flaps and put in a few stitches to tighten the stuff up. Why would anyone on their right mind want to make their Pu**ies as big as Cincinnati? This looks like a hunk of spoiled meat that should be thrown out. I think you should keep your guts on the inside, not pull them outside your poo-hoo for some sicko kink thing, If you have never done this, don’t do it! You’ll never be the same and you can forget getting a normal guy when you vejayjay looks like a monkey’s foot.

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