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vaginal pumping 300x300 Vagina pumpingVagina pumping: Put the ‘pump’ in your pleasure

     In the adult toy and entertainment market, a lot of discussion is devoted to penis pumping, or increasing the length and sensitivity of a man’s penis with the help of a pump.  Yet now the ladies are demanding equal time; that is why the fine art of vagina pumping is the next big wave of sensual enhancement.

  My experience with  Vagina pumping

   Speaking from personal experience, the vagina can be a problematic organ.  I actually used to shy away from intimate relationships, this owing to my lack of fulfillment in the bedroom.  Intercourse was sometimes painful for me and never pleasurable; my vagina often felt too tight, and virtually devoid of nerve endings.  I never felt much during penetration, unless one counts physical discomfort and great disappointment as true feelings.

     Then I tried a revolutionary new process called vagina pumping.  With the aid of a basic, easy to use vaginal pump, I actually expanded my vagina—not to mention my sensual horizons.   No more did I feel tight and uncomfortable during intercourse; my man was able to open me up—also open were new possibilities for a joyful sex life together.

    Benifits of Vagina pumping

  In addition, vagina pumping actually increased the flow of blood to my previously troublesome private part; thus increasing my physical sensitivity in this area and enhancing my arousal.  I felt as though I had grown a whole new set of nerve endings in my pussy—all thanks to vagina pumping!

     Moreover, I must admit I felt more comfortable using a pump to increase the size, flexibility and sensitivity of my vagina; as opposed to pills that might have limited effectiveness and troublesome side effects.  With vagina pumping, the only thing that goes into my body is a very pleasing, easy to use pump; one that I can feel working.

     I would recommend vagina pumping to any woman who has problems with traditional intercourse; or, for that matter, any gal who would just like to experience a little extra ‘oomph’ in the bedroom.  In fact, if you look up ‘oomph’ in the dictionary, I’m almost certain that you’ll see a photo of a primo vagina pumping!

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