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   Although perhaps the most frequently used female body part during the course of sexual intercourse, the vagina is not the traditional source of a woman’s greatest pleasure; but I’m happy to report, Ladies, that this has changed—all thanks to a new process called vaginal pumping.

     Traditionally, the clitoris has been identified as the greatest source of a woman’s pleasure.  This is because, when a woman is aroused, an intense supply of blood flows to her clit; thus stimulating her and readying her body for what is sure to be a powerful climax.

     The problem is, though, that during traditional intercourse it is the woman’s vagina that receives the most attention—and penetration.  That is why a woman can experience intercourse many times, and with multiple partners, without having a single climax.

     Yet thanks to a process called vaginal pumping, a woman can get just as much pleasure from vaginal intercourse as she can from clitoral stimulation.

First Hand experience on Vaginal Pumping    

    How do I know this?  Well, Ladies, let’s just say that I have tried just about every sex toy on the market; and the vaginal pump is—by far—the best and most satisfying.

     Let me explain how vaginal pumping works.  Through the use of a simple, handheld pump, you can release extra air from your private area, thus making your vagina more spacious and flexible.  If you have any problems with vaginal tightness, vaginal pumping will help.

Best part of Vaginal Pumping    

     Ah, but that’s not even the best part!  At the same that the pump relieves your vagina from the burden of excess air, it also increases the blood flow to your private part; thus increasing your vaginal sensitivity and enhancing your pleasure.

     Take it from me, Ladies; the minute that your man fingers or penetrates your vagina, you will go off like a proverbial rocket.  Your vagina will feel like a new, very invigorating part of your body; a veritable storehouse of pleasure and erotic possibility.

     Ah, but don’t take my word for it; try vaginal pumping for yourself!  Buy a pussy pump today, reap the benefits tonight; and thank me tomorrow!

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